Email marketing survey to get the satisfaction of your customers

November 9, 2020


How to embed survey email to your Taximail account?

As we live in this fast-paced digital world.  The customers are expecting brands to meet their needs in real time. For most marketers, that means customers service and marketing on the grind.

The customer experience is as much as important as your sales journey. This is all about being heard, getting answered questions and feeling a connection to the brand. In addition to marketing efforts and customer service, brands need to be thinking in terms of customer engagement.

Are you using a customer-centric approach with your email marketing to deliver what the subscribers are looking for? If you say yes, then we are on the same page. The digital competition is a cut-throat effort that has made it absolutely imperative to live up to the evolving expectations of your customers.

Whats the best way to engage them is by asking for their reviews or feedback — best done using Email Marketing.

Importance of Customer Feedback

1 To know your customers better

A feedback/survey gives your customer the opportunity to share what they like or dislike about a service or a product. The information that you gather will give you a clear idea of what approach you can take for your next email campaign.

2 To retain customers and recover customers

If your customers are happy, you will not likely to lose them to a competitor. Customer feedback helps to retain customers because you can take the suggestions they have to say to improve your service or product.

3 To manage the negative reviews

A negative review is like a poison to your business especially nowadays that there are lots of review sites that can tarnish your reputation. Even with a single bad review, it can affect the judgment of other people whether to take your service or product.  If you give then a direct feedback, this will help you to solve your customers issue faster without them resulting in writing directly to the review website. Above all, you are retaining your customers by valuing their opinion.

4 Establish a link

If you have done this survey email for quite some time now, this will also help you to compare the result over the period of time to determine whether to enhance your customer experience results in a better business outcome.      

Knowing all the pertinent information why survey email is important with your email marketing approach, this will give you a clear picture of how to go about your plan.

The next question is how can you build a survey email with your Taximail account?

Here’s how easy to you can make a survey email.

Step 1: Create your campaign



Step 2: Create an email survey


Step 3: each button set the target URL to Thank you page.


Step 4: Export you campaign statistic


It’s time to make your first survey and see what your customers have to say about your service or product. You will be surprised with the result that could help to leverage your business.