Awards Winning FinancesOnline Reviewed Taximail

November 9, 2020


Taximail Celebrates with 2 Email Marketing Software Titles Presented by a Leading Platform for SaaS Reviews

Taximail has come a long way since its launch in 2012, with our team now servicing thousands of users globally and establishing trust with its clientele. Just now, we have something more to be proud of.

Our email marketing and automation software recently got on the radar of FinancesOnline, one of the fastest growing review platforms for B2B and SaaS solutions. Our solution was included in FinancesOnline’s library of email marketing software analysis, where their software experts compared and contrasted our features against the competition. We are pleased to announce that they were impressed with the software’s capabilities, thus, Taximail was distinguished with their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for 2018.

The Great User Experience award for 2018 shows that Taximail is a gold standard in terms of providing customers with a pleasant overall user experience. This was tackled a number of times throughout the review, with FinancesOnline commending Taximail’s team for their expert assistance to customers. Specifically, they state that Taximail is able to help businesses “ensure rich results” with their email campaign design and lend customers a hand to create “more efficient and productive” automation and workflow structures.

Furthermore, FinancesOnline praised our various Taximail pricing options for providing users with customized packages that cater to one’s specific requirements. We’re happy to hear about FinancesOnline’s positive remark on our pricing, as this indicates that Taximail provides get great value for money. Those interested in trying our software can also take advantage of our completely free forever plan.

Several other features were discussed in the review. These include clean mailing lists for more accurate tracking of campaign success, “user-friendly drag-and-drop email interface,” personalization with marketing campaigns, and our various testing tools beneficial to boosting reader engagement and conversions.

The cherry on top is FinancesOnline’s acknowledgement that Taximail is one of the best email marketing software for lead generation, which makes it a great choice to drive growth to your business. Additionally, we earned a 100% user satisfaction rating and FinancesOnline’s Rising Star award for 2018. This esteemed title is given to the fastest growing solutions on the market that have garnered positive traction with clients.

We would like to thank FinancesOnline and all our customers for believing in Taximail. Rest assured that we will not rest on our laurels and continue making Taximail the best email marketing solution to drive growth to your business.