Climaver Online Workshop

Saint-Gobain Vietnam - Isover


October 7, 2020



CLIMAVER® Mini-Workshop is a series of online webinars, hosted by Saint-Gobain Vietnam, for spreading the idea of ISOVER’s new self-supporting ducts, namely CLIMAVER®. This campaign aims to introduce the new solution to HVAC Installers who works mainly in Ho Chi Minh city with big projects. Eventually, the final intention of Saint-Gobain Vietnam is to recruit distributors for the product when they officially launch in Vietnam.

Client: Saint-Gobain Vietnam
Agency: Vietwind Group
Team Leader: Duc Nguyen
Place: HCMC – September 2020

The workshops were expected to be hosted on several different days via Zoom, a mobile application for online meetings. At first, Saint-Gobain used Google Survey forms for collecting information from invited guests. This method, however, is unprofessional due to the poor visual effects of those forms. Vietwind Group, therefore, suggested our client use our newest digital platform that we are currently representing, which called Taximail, to improve visualization for the signup form as well as related email templates.


  • Design email templates
  • Compose SMS content
  • Design registration forms
  • Webpage Announcement: Announce the information about the workshops onto the website.
  • Register SMS Sender Name: SMS marketing optimization.
  • Automation system
  • Call agents and calling script


  • Invitation letter: The first email template with a button leading to a sign-up page.
  • Thank-you letter: A confirmation and workshop guidance – This email will be automatically sent immediately when guests finish registering.
  • Unregistered reminder letter: A reminder email for un-registered customers.
  • Reminder letters: Emails for reminding customers before a day and before the workshop.
  • Other letters: Thank-you email for attending and follow-up email.
  • Automatic system: A connection of all steps to create a consistent hub, which improves customer experience.





  • 100% of planned categories are completed on time.
  • The automatic system worked efficiently from the beginning to the end of the project.
  • The designs and contents are highly appreciated when using the mobile-first method.
  • 68 HVAC companies & contractors showed their interests and almost a third of them did attend.
  • 97% of interested customer data contain phone numbers.
  • 91.17% of interesting customer data contain email addresses.
  • 100% of the data contain a full customer name.

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