Let’s Colour Campaign


Adding colour to people's lives

December 13, 2017



The Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide initiative from Dulux to transform grey spaces with colourful paint. A mission to spread colour all over the world.We follow the concept with an innovation way in Vietnam.

We build up The Let’s colour concept to a big campaign nationwide, AkzoNobel joined hands with UNESCO to run a series of social activitives & social event:
Painting training course: to help disadvantaged people to have paint career with certificate from Unesco Education & Akzo Nobel. Dulux will create a channel to connect new painters & contractors.
• Repainting the famous heritage buildings across Vietnam with Dulux colour.
• Social activities follow such as: Students clean the city, donate to community etc.,

Key message: “Adding colour to people’s lives”

Marketing opportunity:
• To rejuvenate Dulux brand with lively nuances and emotional touch.
• To deliver the brand’s message: Dulux is not only about the paint products with superior functional benefits, but also brings about the livelihood and vitality to wherever it comes.
• To exhibit that Dulux is highly responsible and always committed to the community contribution.

The “Let’s colour” campaign strategy:
• A series of PR-purposed Let’s Colour events in Vietnam key cities.
• A thousand of guests and volunteers per each event to create “talk of the town” and generate enormous publicity gravity.
• In cooperation and co-branding with UNESCO to gain the maximum supports of government and deliver the credible message to the target audience in terms of the community contribution and cultural merit.

Elements of the strategy:
• “Talk of the town” impact: big Let’s Colour events with participation of thousands of volunteers in key cities to generate enormous publicity impact and draw attention of the public.
• Neutralized brand message: in cooperation and co-branding with UNESCO to make the delivery of the brand’s message more credible and receptive in terms of the community contribution and cultural merit.
• Product relevancy: re-painting historically / culturally symbolic works (schools, hospital, children house) is a pivot of each event to make it well associated, relevant to Dulux products.

The campaign run in 3 years across Key cities, certified for over 2,000 painters; over 10,000 students from universities paticipated in events contribute to clean our cities; donated to over 2,500 gifts sharing the paint with the victims of the flood in celtral; and many famous heratige buldings had been repainted with Dulux Colours:
• TW hospital – Hue 2010
• Quoc Hoc high School – Hue 2010
• The indochina university – Hanoi 2010
• National museum of vietnam history – Hanoi 2010
• The phuc xa village resident – Hanoi 2010
• Pediatric hospital 2 – HCMC 2011
• Vietnam History Museum – HCMC 2012

Publicity & PR communication hits:
Target audience hits:
o Pre-event PR: 2,300,000 hits
o Post-event PR: 900,000 hits
Publicity: 1,500,000 hits
Press hits:
o Off-line press hits: 11,200,000 hits
o On-line press hits: 3,000,000 hits

Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy, the ambassadress.
Give certificate for the first painter for life training course
Dulux sponsor repainting TW Hue Hospital
Ms Nguyen My Hanh, Unesco CEP representative
The students from universities contribute to repaint TW Hue hospital
The students from universities contribute to repaint TW Hue hospital
Donate to victims of the flood in Huong Can Village, Hue Vietnam
Donate to victims of the flood in Huong Can Village, Hue Vietnam