Taximail has come a long way since its launch in 2012, with our team now servicing thousands of users globally and establishing trust with its clientele. Just now, we have something more to be proud of.

A well-designed email can elevate the subscriber’s engagement and gives you a higher stats in your campaign report. You can create your own email and even write your own code.

In this modern digital fast-paced era, email marketers are focused on sending a perfect email experience to its subscribers. There are many things to consider like email content, design, subject lines, the right time to send and so on.

As a part of digital marketing strategy, email marketing is one good tool for the real estate industry. It is adaptable, can be personalized to suit your needs and you can send targeted content to achieve better engagement and conversations.

Email marketing has proven to be an old school marketing tools that drive ROI in your business.

While it may take a while for a new email marketer to realize how cutting-edge email can be. It can absolutely be a dynamic and as cutting edge as social media or the web. You just have to use your imagination and creative template.

How to embed survey email to your Taximail account?

As we live in this fast-paced digital world. The customers are expecting brands to meet their needs in real time. For most marketers, that means customers service and marketing on the grind.

Email marketing hầu như là một phần không thể thiếu trong chiến lược tiếp thị trực tuyến của các khách sạn hiện nay. Phương pháp tiếp thị này có thể tạo ra doanh thu từ việc tương tác với cả những khách hàng trong quá khứ, hay hiện tại với nguồn ngân sách tiết kiệm.

90% các start-ups thương mại điện tử thất bại chỉ trong 120 ngày khởi động. Đâu là nguyên nhân và làm thế nào để giải quyết chúng?

Using Email Marketing is an inexpensive and easy tool that can help E-commerce entrepreneurs with more benefits for their weekly subscribers.

Many e-commerce businesses are already using forms of AI to better understand their customers, generate new leads and provide an enhanced customer experience.


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